They played for presidents. They played for outlaws.

They play for the ladies and they play for their lives.

And soon they'll be playing in your town.

You'd better be prepared!

Gone are the days when dance musicians dressed as cowboys harassed guests in saloons.

Decadent Cowboys play this venerable music as it should be.
Rough, honest, original - but always with heart and soul.

Because even the toughest gambler has a soft core somewhere.

So if you're man enough to get involved with these gentlemen - give them a call.

Because you will definitely not call YOU!

the band

Henry Hearts

Bank robbers end up in jail. Horse thieves are hanged. Desertionists are hunted down and shot. But singers - there is still no agreement. In the case of Henry, the sheriff is still wavering between quartering and complete emasculation. Since the birth rate increases noticeably after concerts of the Decadent Cowboys, the authorities are alarmed. 

Gents behold – The Man is back in Town!

Sam Spades

Abducted as an infant by Apaches. Raised by wild horses. His best friend was a cactus. A childhood that could not be harder and more merciless. 

But after strangling his first buffalo with a wooden spoon, he realized the power of sticks. Since then he beats the drum of death and leads his faithful companions through every battle. And every saloon.

Memento Mori!

Dan Diamonds

Once accused of high treason and on the run from the lynch mob, this valiant fighter was accepted into the circle of decadent cowboys. In this way, further harm could be kept away from the people and the fatherland. Since he shows himself again in the public at the concerts of his confreres, an access is to be expected at any time. 

The use of unnecessary force is explicitly allowed.


Nobody knows exactly where the Decadent Cowboys are hiding. There are only rumors. 

There are gringos who talk too much. But that is dangerous. 

You need their help? Well.... Leave a message at the dead oak tree on Gallows Hill.

We will see...

+49-171 81 65 813